2009-12-01 09:24:58
H.C. Robbins Landon died

 Howard Chandler Robbins Landon, one of the most eminent Haydn scholars, died Friday, 22. November in Rabestens (France). Born 1926 in Boston, Mass., he studied at Boston University with Carl Geiringer whose love for Haydn he inherited. In 1947 he moved to Vienna and dedicated his life to Haydn. 1949 he founded the Haydn Society in Vienna and Boston. Among his major works are a volume on “The symphonies of Joseph Haydn” (1955) and the edition of the 104 symphonies themselves, as well as the five volume “Haydn: Chronicle and Works” (1976-1980). He also wrote on Beethoven, Mozart, Gluck, and Handel and produced music feature films for the BBC and other networks. His memoirs "Horns in High C: A Memoir of Musical Discoveries and Adventures" were published in 1999.